How to play sports with your baby in the park

How to play sports with your baby in the park

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There are no more excuses. Taking your baby for a walk in the park can be a great opportunity to exercise. If you don't want to do this alone, you can call your friends, who like you, take their baby for a walk in the park every day.

There are groups of moms who meet for an hour, dressed in tight leggings, sneakers and comfortable T-shirts. The baby seat is not an impediment to get in shape. What's more, it can be an incentive and support in dozens of exercises. Do you want to see an example?

To return to the size of before delivery, there are two basic rules that we must respect: take care of the diet and exercise. Yes, it is difficult when we spend 24 hours a day looking for a little one who absorbs us completely. It's difficult but not impossible. Why not take advantage of our son's walking moments to play sports? What's more, if we don't want to do it alone, we just have to look for an accomplice friend who wants to join us.

One, two, one, two ... there is nothing like doing a little exercise: knees up, stretching ... Step on the bench, running with your feet up, running on the spot, heels back, little jumps , sit-ups, more stretching and at the end, that pleasant feeling of having made the most of that little time mothers have to themselves.

Allow about four weeks after delivery to recover. Afterwards, you will be ready to gradually introduce exercises. Save weight training for later, and breastfeed before exercising rather than after, because sports can alter the taste of milk. Also, if you do gymnastics together, you will get a series of benefits:

1. You strengthen the emotional bond with your child.

2. You don't need weights. You can use your baby to exercise the arms and legs. It will seem like a very fun game to him.

3. You will reduce stress and the chances of suffering postpartum depression.

4. You will see yourself with much more energy.

5. Your baby will enjoy the walk and relax. Many babies when they are being walked have fewer sleep problems.

6. It favors your self-esteem.

7. You will gain flexibility and regain your figure more easily.

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