How to educate children in a taste for school

How to educate children in a taste for school

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"How lazy, I don't want to go to work" ... Who has not ever said this phrase? It is normal to complain about work, however, we have to be careful what we say, certain little ears are usually always listening and memorizing everything we say.

And, if we want our children to go to school with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, we have to avoid negative comments about our daily work, whether we work outside or inside the home. By what authority do we tell children that they have to go to school happy every day if we ourselves protest about having to perform our daily obligations?

First of all, it is important to be consistent in the education of our children and educate them by example. If we protest about having to work, we must also have an ear for children's complaints about their daily tasks. Listen to them and assess what they do not like and why. In any case, if these complaints are constant, you have to take action on the matter.

It is important to educate children so that they know that school is about growing, sharing, learning, making friends, having a good time ... School can be boring for them, but we as parents have to highlight the positive points of school and make them understand what the knowledge they will acquire over the years is for.

In my childhood, mathematics was a tough nut to crack, I always missed someone explaining to me what they were for, why I had to make equations, derivatives or integrals. No one ever told me and I was never able to perform certain mathematical exercises. So going to math class became an anxiety-inducing thing for me.

Therefore, with my children I try to reason and give them answers. For example: if you learn to read, you can take all those books from your bookshelf and learn about fantastic and adventure stories of your favorite characters. It is clear that it is not always possible to reason with children, but my mother already told me: "crush, crush that something remains."

In addition, children must know that school is a place to socialize, where they meet other equals, value differences and learn from other people. At school they become friends, and some of them last a lifetime. School and life at school enrich the person and, although sometimes it is difficult for children to get up to go to their daily routines, we have to show them the good side. All this, always trying to set an example, avoiding us as parents, the constant complaints about having to carry out our own tasks.

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