Music helps the child's learning

Music helps the child's learning

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When I was pregnant, I read several articles about the advantages of classical baroque music for the baby during pregnancy. I already started to listen more classical music And even today, we put my children some melodies that are very attractive to them, especially when we are in the car.

It's funny how children are drawn to Brahms, Mozart or Strauss. They relax, abstract and enjoy music. Even sometimes they are the ones who ask us to play 'that song that I like'. They do not know the composers, they have not studied music, but the melody reaches them and it is full.

Music is being introduced in schools from an early age since it has been proven that it has a very positive impact on emotional, intellectual, adductive and language development.

It is not necessary to instruct children from the early stages only with classical composers, children's songs themselves, in which the repetition of words and rhymes are accompanied by gestures and dances make the child improve in language learning.

In addition, music has been proven to improve a child's ability to concentrate and help them learn mathematics, as music is pure mathematics.

This week I spoke with a music teacher for children, she explained to me that studying music is something very sacrificing and the child should not be forced to play an instrument and less if it is because we would have liked to do it and we couldn't.

However, she defended that music has to be part of the child's life, because it helps them to express their emotions, to develop certain perceptions and to improve their skills and abilities.

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