Lito, the vain toad. Children's stories for children

Lito, the vain toad. Children's stories for children

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In the transparency of a deep and warm lagoon, where you could hear the beautiful melody of the swaying of the waters, the singing of the wind and the rhythm of the animals walking, there was a very happy and flirtatious little toad, jumping from rock to rock singing a song, It was Lito the playful frog.

Every day when he got up, he took a dip and perched on a rock singing a song. “I am such a cute and playful little frog that nobody equals me singing a song. What a beautiful day! Who will I conquer today? Nobody resists my beauty or my intelligence, I am such a fine toad that everything can, and does not need anyone, but everyone needs me, I am the best! "

The little toad placed his red hat on his rough head and a perfumed carnation, and looking at himself in the transparent lagoon, he exclaimed: How handsome and beautiful I am! What a scent I breathe out today, everyone will cheer and applaud me, when they see me pass by! Lito began his walk through the field and met a beautifully colored butterfly, whom he looked at with indifference.

Nina the butterfly watched him smiling. -Hi Lito! How handsome and perfumed you come. "That's how I am," replied the toad without looking at her. Nina, very flirtatious, asked: -Do you like my new color and the shine I have in my wings? I acquired it with the help of flowers, the wind and the sun. -I am beautiful without help from anyone - answered the toad. The very sad and angry butterfly walked away.

A worm that looked at him with fear shouted at him: -Lito, you smell good today! "That's how I am, single-handedly," he answered. The trembling little worm hiding in the leaves smiled and covered itself. Meanwhile, the very haughty toad with one leap crushed a defenseless flower. -Oh! said the rose, "be careful Mr. toad, you've hurt me by stomping on me."

How with such big eyes you are blind. The angry toad replied: I am not blind, I don't like anyone crossing my path, I don't give favors, everyone needs me and I don't need anyone. "How lucky you are," said the rose. To have my color I need the earth, the water, the sun, and the perfume God gave me.

And the toad, indifferent to the pain and tears of the rose, was jumping from flower to flower, without realizing that a Ferris wheel was open and fell to the bottom. -Help! Help! Help me, a toad like me must not die. The butterfly that was listening to him approached and asked, "Who is there?" The toad, shouting, said: "It's me, Lito, get me out of this depth." -You can do everything, jump and jump and you will reach the top - the butterfly replied in a mocking tone.

The rose that was listening told him. -Lito jump, jump, jump to jump to the surface you will arrive, you can do everything and you don't need anyone, otherwise I would help you. The toad crying his vanity and seeing himself lost, screamed with great effort. -Help me please! The worm poked its head out and, moving its flaccid and weak body, shouted: -Lito, jump, jump, you will reach the top, you can do everything, you don't need anyone, show it!

Like the toad, saddened and ashamed, he was saying in a low voice: "Help me, please!" All at the same time responded. - Jump, jump, you'll reach the top, you don't need anyone, ha ha ha, and everyone laughed at the frustrated Lito. The toad made another attempt to jump, but it was all useless because the well was so deep that no matter how much he jumped, he did not reach the edge.

Nina the butterfly, the little worm and the rose, hearing the moans of the defeated toad, felt sorry for him and helped him out. I am such a cute and playful little frog that he learned a lesson!


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