Holidays with hyperactive kids

Holidays with hyperactive kids

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Holidays with children who suffer from Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity (ADHD) always pose a challenge for parents.

Although this period is faced with great enthusiasm for the time and activities that the whole family enjoys together, some must also be taken into account recommendations so that the little ones do not suffer from the change of the usual routines.

Holidays mean that parents spend more hours with their children. It is important to know that children with ADHD tend to get bored more easily and require more stimulating activities, according to the Spanish Federation of Associations for Assistance to Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity (FEAADAH).

Also, children with this disorder respond better to plans that have a schedule and a established routine. For this reason, parents should schedule vacations in advance, follow some orderly tasks with which the child feels comfortable, since, often, it is difficult for them to manage the time they have for activities.

According to guide for parents published by the FEAADAH, during the holidays with children with ADHD you can follow some recommendations to avoid that the breakdown of routines affects the little ones:

-Continue with the usual routines as far as possible. It should be ensured that children keep schedules of food and sleep they have during the school year.

-Involve the children in the preparations for the holidays. If the family is going on a trip, parents can include the little ones in the preparations so that they remain calm and feel useful, for example, they can pack together.

-Review with the children the standards and expectations. If the holidays involve the family moving to a place other than the usual residence, the parents should make it clear to the children that the same house rules and the usual appropriate behaviors are being maintained.

-Plan educational activities. Include vacation plans that stimulate your social skills and creativity, for example a workshop or a summer camp.

-Parents should rest too. It should be taken into account that if the mother or father have a state of anxiety, tired or tense during this period, this will be transmitted to the child, so it is important that adults rest and maintain an optimal environment at home or on the go, so your child doesn't get stressed.

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