How to separate pepper from water Fun science

How to separate pepper from water Fun science

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The water can be used for home experiments with children. In this way, the little ones will be encouraged to know some of the secrets of science quickly and easily.

With the following experiment with water, your children will understand why the pepper separates from the center of the plate when a little soap is added. A mystery that turns into fun science with four easy steps.

  • 1 deep plate
  • Black pepper
  • Soap
  • Water

Tip: Add a small amount of pepper to be able to see the experiment more clearly.

1. Take a deep plate and fill it with water.

2. Next, take a pot of black pepper and sprinkle a little over the water. If you insert a finger you will see that the pepper does not move.

3. Now put some hand soap on one finger.

4. If you put your soapy finger in the water you will see how the pepper moves away from the center of the plate.

This is because the pepper floats on the surface of the water where there is a firmer layer of water called surface tension. When introducing the soap, the surface tension decreases in the center, causing the pepper to escape.

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