Please don't force your kids to eat

Please don't force your kids to eat

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There really is nothing better to learn from your own experiences and that of others. Here is the comment that a mother made to the forum.

It is a testimony of a woman who, as a child, experienced a traumatic situation at home because she did not like to eat. Parents who have a child who does not like to eat should know this story that we offer you below.

I was a girl who did not like to eat, my family was so desperate for this situation that they tried everything. Unfortunately, the only thing I remember was how traumatic it was for me that they wanted to stuff me with food and I mention several situations that I experienced (and by the way I release my traumas, hahaha) so that please don't do it with your little ones. Why? because when I grew up I had severe problems with food.

1- As soon as they saw that I was not eating, the show of the belt on the table began ... (which meant a great threat that the belt could be used on my bottom).

2- A relative who lived in our house at that time, was very nervous so if he saw that I accepted 'a few spoonfuls' of food, he began to want to give me more and more and more and faster !! By God, how disgusting.

3- A naturopathic doctor (because they took me to several doctors), told my mother to give me a spoonful of bee pollen before meals. (if he did not eat in itself, that was torture), a plate of radishes and beets (I still remember that time when the relative that I mentioned above, found under his bed several plates that I myself put there, already rotten !!!!

4- Shouting, scolding and hitting the table does NOT solve the situation ... why? Well, because to me now the whole ceremony that involves "sitting" at the table and more when there are more people with me, makes me very nervous (even though I am already an adult), it generates STRESS that well, it is something with which there is to deal with every day. When I reached adolescence I started to eat a lot and now at 33 years old it does not go away. Although I'm not fat, my dilemma is to stop eating out of anxiety.

5- Discipline yes ... but WITH LOVE ... example ... My life ... that you eat is a blessing that many children cannot have. As soon as you finish your meal I will allow you (watch TV, play, sleep, go to the park, etc, etc ...) and never change your position because then the girl will make fun of your authority. DO NOT buy the food that the girl SEND (coke? Hamburgers? Only if you want a daughter full of cholesterol and vitamins because when they reach adolescence it will not be the opposite ... that they do not stop eating.

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