How to clean the house if your child has a mite allergy

How to clean the house if your child has a mite allergy

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In a house with children we must adopt the necessary safety measures to avoid domestic accidents, but we must also take care of hygiene. If the child is also allergic to dust mites, the cleaning of the house must be extreme and has some peculiarities.

Nothing better than a clean house to avoid those annoying mite allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing or hives. It is not enough to clean the house as we usually do, but we must insist on cleaning and how it is cleaned. These are some guidelines for a house where a child lives allergic to dust.

1. When there is an allergic child in a house, the furniture must be cleaned frequently. Better than a duster is to use a damp cloth to delay the appearance of mites.

2. The floor must be cleaned every day, but it is always better to do it with a vacuum cleaner than with the broom. As you sweep, the dust moves around and the mites can trigger your child's allergy symptoms.

3. On the shelves it is better that there are not many decorative objects that can accumulate dust and if they are closed shelves, it will be much more convenient for the allergic child.

4. As far as possible we must do without rugs. It is true that they are very comfortable and ideal for the children play on them, but carpets are a nest for mites because dust will accumulate on them.

5. If we cannot do without rugs entirely, it is best if they are thin and washable to be able to clean them every so often.

6. The same problem that rugs have curtains, where many dust mites also accumulate that can harm the allergic child. Thicker curtains should be avoided and washed frequently.

7. The room of the child with allergy to mites requires special attention, taking the pertinent measures on the carpets and on the curtains and with the cleaning habits that we use in the rest of the house.

8. The bed is the place where an allergy to mites can be triggered more easily, preventing the child from resting and causing insomnia. That is why it is convenient to buy a antiallergic mattress and we can even vacuum it through it once a week.

9. Bedding, both mattress covers and pillows as well as sheets and bedspreads must be washed in Hot water at least once a week if we want to prevent the appearance of allergy.

10. As a preventive measure it is advisable not to have too many teddies in bed and in the room, because they tend to accumulate many Mites. And if we have them, we must also wash them very frequently.

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