Pregnancy and the pleasure of exercising in the water

Pregnancy and the pleasure of exercising in the water

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Playing with water is a pleasure not only for children but also for pregnant women. What's more, water provides well-being, health and relaxation, and brings many benefits to a woman's body during pregnancy, helping to relieve well-known discomforts such as bloating and fatigue.

When pregnant, many women neglect physical exercise with suspicion that it could harm their condition and that of their baby, or they cannot find an exercise that allows them to be comfortable and at ease. Well, if that is your case and it helps you, exercises in the water are very suitable for women during pregnancy, for many reasons.

- Makes the weight of the belly lighter and more enjoyable

- Offers comfort in performing movements

- Tones muscles and strengthens joints

- Improves blood circulation, preventing the appearance of varicose veins

- Relieves swelling and weight in the legs

- Strengthens the pelvic muscles

- Promotes sleep

- Decreases tiredness and fatigue

- Relaxes, calms, and balances your mood

- Reduces the feeling of urinary incontinence

Physical exercises such as hydro-gymnastics, yoga, shiatsu, Pilates, or simply walking, are in fashion and are very beneficial for women during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and want to move in the water, the first thing you have to do is consult your doctor, to be sure that there is no counter indication for it.

It is advisable that you start doing exercises in the water from the fourth month of pregnancy, until you feel comfortable doing them. In addition, it is necessary that the water is at a suitable temperature and that the exercises are supervised by a professional, and carried out in a very gentle and harmonious way. Your baby will surely appreciate and enjoy the sensations you feel with water.

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