Protect your baby from dermatitis with Eryplast water paste

Protect your baby from dermatitis with Eryplast water paste

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Eryplast presents its paste to water with enzymes, especially developed to prevent and treat baby irritation and protect your skin against diaper rash.

¿What is diaper rash? An acute inflammatory process, located in the area covered by the diaper, which affects children of a few months old. The causes of its origin are very varied, but among the most frequent are:

  • Lack of hygiene after urination or defecation.
  • Wearing your own diaper.
  • The infrequent diaper change.
  • The use of plastic panties.
  • The use of wipes impregnated in cleaning substances without rinsing the area after use.
  • Mental disorders or congenital malformations
  • The use of therapeutic products such as disinfectants, antihistamines, antibiotics and sulfa drugs.
  • Digestive disorders (especially those that cause diarrhea), urinary infections and high protein diets.
  • Atopy, children with atopic or seborrheic dermatitis are more prone to irritation.

To prevent your baby from suffering it or to find a solution if it already suffers, Eryplast's zinc water pasteproduces an absorbent and non-occlusive barrier capable of preventing bacterial infections, neutralizing the enzymes responsible for the irritation. Also, thanks to the fact that it contains D-Panthenol, it accelerates the healing process, relieving the baby's bottom. It can be used daily at each diaper change, applying to the buttocks and external genitalia. And, in the case of irritations, it should be applied directly to the affected area.

But if you want to guarantee the health of your baby, as a complement to the paste, I recommend that you also use the bath gel, which contains aloe vera and vitamin E, and the Eryplast moisturizer, suitable for dry and atopic skin.

Tips to take care of your baby's skin against heat

Now with the heat, we must take special care with our baby's skin, so here are some very useful tips:

1- Babies younger than six months should be kept out of the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2- It is essential to apply high sun protection creams on the baby's skin a minimum of 30 minutes before exposure. Preferably at home.

3- The baby should be dressed in cool, loose clothing, light colors.

4- The use of a wide-brimmed hat is useful to protect the face.5

5- In the heat, the baby does not want to eat or accepts less amount of food. Fruits and fluids should be offered, and it is essential that you drink water all day to stay hydrated.

6- Airing the area when the skin is irritated and inflamed helps to reduce and improve symptoms, but it is necessary to avoid the sun shining on that area.

7- If the baby has an allergy in the skin folds, the cream recommended by the pediatrician should be applied.

8- Substances that absorb excess moisture must be applied.

9- It is advisable to use Eryplast, a non-occlusive water-based paste that absorbs the moisture from the skin, keeping it dry. Creams that act occlusively prevent normal skin perspiration.

Tips to prevent diaper rash

In addition, to prevent dermatitis it is convenient maximize the frequency of changes, checking it every hour and at least once during the night. Important, use high absorption diapers, and that they fit tight.

After the change, wash only with lukewarm water. Use mild soap only if the stool is difficult to remove. Since for daily cleaning, use neutral glycerin or oatmeal soaps, and the shampoo should be hypoallergenic. Do not abuse lotions or perfumesat most three or four drops on your clothes, never on your skin.

Subsequently, drying must be thorough, paying special attention not to leave damp places in the folds, since this is where dermatitis usually appears. Don't use non-cotton towels or soap-soaked disposable thiallites.

Finally, let it air dry or dry with a very delicate gauze, cloth, or paper. Yes it's hot, leave him with the skin in the air as long as possible. A little trick, make tiny holes in the diaper so that air enters.

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