Whimsical Butterfly. Children's stories for children

Whimsical Butterfly. Children's stories for children

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The Butterfly had a nice yellow color. One day, while flying among the flowers, he saw a blue butterfly; He returned to his mother and said: Mommy, Mommy, I've seen a blue butterfly. And that? Mommy Butterfly asked. 'That I want to be blue,' said Mariposita.

The mother painted her little daughter's wings a beautiful blue color, which she immediately went out to show in the garden. Ah! But then he saw an orange butterfly, and history repeated itself. Butterfly wanted to have orange wings; Mom pleased her again, painting her wings orange.

The next day early, little butterfly flew and flew, wearing new color on its wings. And this time beyond the garden. And he found a group of white butterflies. He immediately flew home. 'Mommy mommy. I no longer want this color, I want to be white, like some butterflies I have seen today, 'the little butterfly begged.

And the mother immediately washed the little girl's wings and painted them gleaming white. But it happened that little butterfly was so plump with her new color, that she did not notice that a heavy rain was coming. He took refuge in a tree, because butterflies never let the rain get them wet.

But the wind was very strong, and the little butterfly could not prevent a few drops from the leaves of the tree falling on her. Do you know what happened then? That the butterfly wings began to fade, to take on all the colors that her mother had painted for her, although her beautiful yellow color did not appear.

When he returned home, butterfly was very ugly. Her mom hardly knew her. "You see, daughter. This has passed you for whimsical. You must have been happy, content with your color and not go around wanting to look like other butterflies." The poor little butterfly cried a lot. I was sorry. He believed that he would never wear the beautiful yellow color of his wings again.

The mother let her cry, until she went to help her, she cleaned her wings until she saw that yellow that looked like gold. Since then, Mariposita never had such silly whims again, and she learned to love herself, whatever it was.


This story has been sent by Nereida González (Spain)

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