The difficult task of cutting children's hair

The difficult task of cutting children's hair

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Have you ever tried cutting your child's hair? What appears to be a simple task is not at all. What a difficulty! Children do not stay still for a single moment, and the fear that you give yourself of hurting them makes you give up and take them to the nearest hairdresser.

When they are very young, that is, before the first year of life, there are babies who do not need to cut their hair at all. To the others, you can make an arrangement, quietly. After the first year, the baby who is already beginning to walk and being more aware of what is happening around him, makes life impossible for anyone who wants to cut his hair. For many mothers, it gives a real 'panic' to the scissors or the razor.

Some children between 1 and 3 years old can still be calmer in a hairdresser, but there are others, those of this age, who neither put them in a car-shaped chair, nor distract them with candies, magazines and books, they stay still. The only solution is to cut their hair at home, a mission that is not simple. How to cut children's hair? According to the ideas we receive from some of the mothers who collaborate with our magazine, it is possible, with patience, courage and skill, to cut children's hair, following some steps:

1- Present the razor or scissors to your child, so that they become familiar with these devices, lose fear and gain more confidence.

2- Do not give up in case the child begins to cry or scream. Let him cry. When he stops, then explain what you are going to do.

3- Play with the noise that the razor makes. Let the child get used to the sounds and do not panic.

4- When you go to cut the hair, it is advisable to keep the child's attention on another object or activity. Give him, for example, a picture book, some cookies, or put on a movie that he likes.

5- To start cutting the child's hair, it is recommended that you moisten and detangle it. It is easier afterwards to get the job done.

6- Always start cutting the hair from the bottom up, separating the strands horizontally and holding the hair from above with a tweezers, and gradually trimming the ends, more or less half a centimeter.

7- When you finish cutting the ends, comb the child to see if any longer ends have been left uncut. And you're done!

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