Light and alcohol-free sangria. Recipe for children.

Light and alcohol-free sangria. Recipe for children.

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Sangria is a drink that contains ingredients such as wine and the pulps or peels of some citrus fruits. Its origin is not entirely defined. Although we know it as the quintessential Spanish drink, there are indications that it was a drink invented by the English since they drink it a lot in the English and French colonies of America.

Its name seems to come from the English voice 'Sangaree', which, in turn, was inspired by the Spanish 'blood' to name this red soft drink. Thus, sangria, which was called 'wine lemonade', in some Spanish colonies in America, recovered its idiomatic origin, as it spread throughout Spain.

On this occasion, we offer you a very light sangria recipe, without alcohol, whose color has nothing to do with that of the original sangria. In any case, this recipe preserves lots of vitamin C, thanks to citrus.

  • 1 liter of soda
  • ½ liter of orange juice
  • ½ liter of lemon juice.
  • Lemon and orange slices.
  • Mint leaves and ice
Tips: you can add pieces of other fruits such as apple, peach, mango, kiwi, pear or another fruit that children like the most.

1- In a large jug add the soda, the orange and lemon juice, the mint leaves and sugar (if necessary).

2- Next, add the lemon and orange slices

3- Take the jug to the fridge for two hours to marinate.

4- After the couple of hours, add the pieces of fruit, if you wish.

5- Add ice and enjoy this refreshing drink to make a toast or for children's dessert.

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