Watch out for children's floats and cuffs

Watch out for children's floats and cuffs

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It is very normal that, for safety measures, parents put muffs on their babies when they put them in the pool or when they take them to the beach. That way they feel calmer. However, this peace of mind can become a headache if the "lifeguard" chosen for your child does not offer the desired security and, on top of it, presents irregularities that can end up causing an accident with the child.

The market is full of these toiletries. Floats of various designs, sleeves of various shapes and colors, and inflatable vests of different materials. There are even those that are already added to the swimsuit itself. The National Institute of Consumption, in Spain, has analyzed a score of them and some not only have problems in the labeling but also present irregularities and dangers for the little ones, of suffering an accident and drowning.

The irregularities mentioned in the Consumption report refer mainly to the fact that there are floats that do not always float, the valves of the floats as well as the mats are easily detached from the article allowing the little one to take them to the mouth, and that the materials are not resistant or safe. Consumption recommends that parents not only look at the price of the item, but read the labeling and warnings well, demand that the product be approved by the European Community (carry the CE seal), and at the same time not lose out of sight to their children.

Even if they wear muffs, etc., children must always be supervised by an adult. I, in particular, believe that it is best if parents teach babies and children to swim as soon as possible. There is nothing better than swimming so that the baby feels safe and knows how to defend itself adequately in the water. Babies can learn to swim from the moment they can walk. Midwifery is highly recommended mainly for babies. We have tested it with our daughter and the results were encouraging.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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