The best phrases that all mothers say to their children

The best phrases that all mothers say to their children

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Most popular phrases of moms


Children are very rich to eat, and it is that food enters by sight. Therefore, when the bananas are ripe they try not to eat the black part. A mother is always attentive in this situation to resort to the typical phrase: the black of the banana is great.

A typical mother's phrase to try to stop children from eating candy or gum. There is still no evidence of gum stuck in the gut.

When the arguments don't work, when the mother has explained it eight times, when the children continue to insist, there is no choice but to resort to this typical motherly phrase.

A typical phrase of a stressed mother. There is little information in the phrase and you have to be a fortune teller to know what you want, but better pay attention to it.

This phrase is a classic. Mothers get angry when their children do not impose their personality and follow the criteria of other children.

Children's tantrums or uncontrolled tantrums sometimes test mothers' patience. On those occasions when patience leaves the mother, this grandmother's phrase is used: stop crying or you are going to cry with reason.

This phrase does not have much scientific basis, but if the grandmothers say it, it is better to heed them. Fruit juices should also be part of the child's diet due to all the properties and vitamins they provide.

The ingenuity of children has no limits, so those who are bad eaters resort to the tactic of talking and trying to mess with their parents not to eat. When a mother realizes it is time to say: eat and be quiet.

It is the threat of threats and mothers are often right when they say this. When children grow up and become parents they remember their mischief, or those times they did not want to eat.

This typical mother phrase usually takes effect and when it has reached 1 the child has obeyed. However, the most rebellious are risking it because when the countdown is over, something big is going to happen. Body to ground!

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