Treatments to eliminate fluid retention after childbirth

Treatments to eliminate fluid retention after childbirth

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The pregnancy It is a process of constant change, where the skin and the body go through a series of processes that the body has never experienced before. One of the problems that many pregnant women often have during pregnancy and after giving birth is fluid retention.

Many women are already prone to retaining fluids against their will, causing them to feel bloated when they really shouldn't be, something that can increase during pregnancy. pregnancy. So that this is not maintained when the baby is born, it is necessary to know tricks and treatments that will make us feel better.

The fluid retention it is above all a very annoying problem. The swelling makes certain parts of the body, such as the feet, legs or abdomen, look slightly thicker and that it is difficult for us to even perform some movements. So that after having been mothers this unpleasant feeling does not continue to accompany us, it is recommended that we know what tricks help us.

Although it may seem inconsistent, the best way to avoid retaining fluids is that the body has enough fluid inside it, that is, that we drink a considerable amount of water to purify toxins. The feeding It is also very important, since if we do not want to feel bloated, a diet that has refined sugars or too much saturated fat must disappear.

Another factor that favors retention is tobacco, as well as alcohol, so a healthy lifestyle In matters of diet, it will be what will help us the most to feel better, with the intake of fruits such as pineapple, foods with oats, fiber or vegetables such as broccoli. Also, we can't forget exercising regularly so that the feeling goes down.

Considering that the postpartum It is a complicated stage for women, feeling good about ourselves in physical matters is the most relevant. When we already have clear the points of food and drink, as well as good habits that we have to follow, we have to know treatments that will also give us a little more push to overcome the fluid retention in this process after having been mothers.

- Serum therapy: To eliminate toxins and fluids, many beauty centers recommend homeopathic serums that make toxins and fluids that we do not need leave the body, since the benefits of the body itself are stimulated thanks to this treatment.

- Pressotherapy: For this aesthetic treatment, a coverage of the buttocks and thighs is required, which, based on small pressures, drains the lymphatic system for an improvement of the body.

- Lymphatic massages: If massages are essential for a pregnant woman for her well-being, for a woman who is already a mother this is also relevant. If we also suffer from fluid retention, lymphatic massages will be our best allies. Among its benefits we find the fact that they help to drain the lymphatic system, regenerate tissues and they contribute to the detoxification of the organism, as well as to the luminosity of the skin.

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