Children tell their secrets and problems to grandparents

Children tell their secrets and problems to grandparents

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I always thought that if the contact with my grandparents had been closer, my childhood would have even more colors. My grandparents lived far from my home, but I remember that when we met they would tell me and teach me things that my parents, or my teachers, told me.

Almost half of Spanish children who have grandparents tell them their secrets and problems, because although grandparents are a source of fun for them, they are also trustees of their confidences.

This is how grandparents are, not only those who take care of us, not only those who teach us unforgettable cooking recipes, as well as a valuable source of experiences and experiences. 96% of children have grandparents and a third of Spanish minors between 6 and 14 years old have weekly contact with one of them. 86% of children want to see their grandparents even more, and 14% live with one of their grandparents, although this situation is more typical of the rural environment.

The children who enjoy grandparents most intensely are those of the lower-middle class, while those who least relate to their grandparents are the children of lower-class working mothers. Children of a working mother who live in precarious conditions do not have frequent contact with their grandparents, they do not see them weekly or almost never, and those who have a grandparent the most only see them on vacation.

Interesting facts, without a doubt, that make us reflect on the very important role that grandparents play within the family.

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