10 Scandinavian names for girls

10 Scandinavian names for girls

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name due to the wide variety of options we have. Some families look for a traditional name, while others prefer an original name. We have looked for a combination of both characteristics and have found it in the scandinavian names.

Scandinavian names for girls are beautiful names that are original to us because they belong to another cultural context but that give off a certain traditional air. We have 10 Scandinavian names for girls where you will surely find the perfect name for your baby.

1. Helga. This name of Scandinavian origin is one of the most beautiful for girls because of its meaning, which is related to 'heaven'. It is not a strange name to us, but it has not been worn down by use, so it retains all its originality.

2. Astrid. It is another of the most popular and widely spread Scandinavian names. It means 'Be loved for God' And it likes it because it maintains an original touch as well as being very sophisticated.

3. Nerta. The name comes directly from Norse mythology with a meaning that refers to the goddess of 'nature'. It is one of those short names that exude force and personality.

4. Freyja. This name belongs to the 'goddess of love' and it is one of the most popular in the Nordic countries. It is ideal for any girl because in addition to being a very loving name, it exudes sweetness and charm.

5. Kaira. It is one of the most beautiful Nordic names for its musicality and also for its meaning of 'peaceful'. It is totally new outside the Scandinavian field, so it is presented to us as a modern and original name that can be perfect for your girl.

6. Inga. The name is better known to us and may be a variant of Ingrid. It has a meaning related to 'the heroes' and we like it because it is a simple but very charismatic name capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl.

7. Sigrid. This Scandinavian name is one of the most attractive for girls. It means 'victory', so it is very forceful. We like it because it gives off a distinguished and sophisticated air that is difficult to match.

8. Ondina. It is a name that belongs to mythology and refers to a nymph or sea fairy. It is a sweet and charming name surrounded by mystery and seduction and is ideal for your girl.

9. Eyra. The name belongs to the 'goddess of health', so it is full of connotations of well-being and positive energy. It is a beautiful name for its originality and it is most enigmatic.

10. Solveig. It is one of the most charming Scandinavian names and means 'the strength of the sun'. It has enormous strength and gives off charisma and personality, so it can be the perfect name for your girl.

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