10 Scandinavian names for boys

10 Scandinavian names for boys

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It is very possible that when choosing the name of the baby you get lost among so much variety and so many options. That is why at Guiainfantil we are making lists of beautiful names according to their origin and this time we focus on the Scandinavian names for children.

The names of Scandinavian origin for boys are original names but with a lot of tradition in the Nordic countries. That is why they are fresh and forceful and also have very eloquent meanings. These are our 10 Scandinavian names for children.

1. Eric. It is one of the most attractive and popular Scandinavian names for boys. It means 'eternal ruler' and it comes to us with a totally renewed touch despite its long tradition in the Nordic countries.

2. Axel. The name is also quite well known outside the Scandinavian countries. It has a meaning related to 'the hatchet' and exudes strength and charisma, so it can be the ideal name for your baby.

3. Odin. This name represents in its meaning the 'main god' from Scandinavian mythology. Its strength is immense and as a name for a boy it is the most original without falling into extravagance.

4. Einar. The name reminds us of the Vikings and means 'warrior leader'. We like it for its musicality and because it gives off a mysterious air with great appeal for any child.

5. Oleg. This Scandinavian name is not unknown to us and yet it maintains all its freshness and originality. Its meaning is related to 'health' and we like it because it is one of those short but forceful names capable of highlighting the personality.

6. Haakon. It is a name of princes and kings that means 'the great son'. In addition to being known thanks to European royalty, we like it because it is a name with a lot of strength and personality.

7. Niels. This typically Viking name means 'winner of the people' and it is presented as a modern name despite having a long tradition. Simple and with personality, it can be the ideal name for your baby.

8. Bjorn. The name is one of the most popular for children and means 'bear'. It is not strange to us although we are not very used to its use. That original character places him as one of the best ideas in names for boys.

9. Svein. This Scandinavian name means 'young warrior'. It is a very interesting name because it has a distinguished touch and comes surrounded by appeal and modernity.

10. Harald. Again a royal name that means 'generous host' as an ideal name for its musicality and for the charisma it gives off.

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