Risks of running during pregnancy

Risks of running during pregnancy

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There are many women who wonder if they can continue doing sports during pregnancy. There is no concrete answer because whether or not to practice sports depends on the particularities of pregnancy, the physical condition of the woman and also the kind of sport that you want to practice.

Todayto run has become a trend and more and more people are joining the running, an activity of the healthiest but that can present some danger in some moments of pregnancy, in risk pregnancies and in those women who have never practiced running before.

Unless the gynecologist has recommended complete rest because it is a risky pregnancy, you should not take pregnancy as a disease and you should continue with your normal life. If you are a person used to physical exercise, it is best to continue practicing it during pregnancy, but with certain precautions.

The most experienced runners will know that the main thing is to listen to your own body. If you know listen to your bodyIt will be he who sets your needs, always being aware that pregnancy is not exactly the most advisable stage to improve yourself or to beat your own marks.

In any case, if you are a sedentary person whose pregnancy has awakened the desire to practice physical exercise, it would be better for you to start in sports. Low impact such as yoga, Pilates or swimming, which not only serve to avoid excess weight gain but also give you a great feeling of well-being.

The main risk of running during pregnancy is that of falls, since the center of gravity shifts and also the joints weaken due to weight gain during pregnancy, so the lesions are more frequent. If you are going for a run, pay special attention to the sneakers to have more security on the feet and ankles.

Due to the impact generated by the running activity itself, there may be problems with vaginal bleeding or early contractions, which is why in some cases running is totally discouraged. If you have not had previous risk pregnancies or any spontaneous abortion Before, you can try going for a run, but take it as a way to feel healthy and forget about the competitive aspect.

It is very important to consult with the gynecologist about the advisability of continuing to practice running during pregnancy, because each case is different. And there are also many sports alternatives to stay in shape and without risks during pregnancy. Whatever sport you choose, don't ever forget to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and alleviate the swelling in the lower extremities.

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