Friends and pregnancy: How beautiful you are!

Friends and pregnancy: How beautiful you are!

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Congratulating a friend on her new motherhood, I love it. With my congratulations, I share your joy, your state of hope for the arrival of a new child and, as a mother, I become an expert accomplice to whom I can turn to if you have any questions.

One of her concerns, now that the doctor has just confirmed her pregnancy and has told her that everything was going very well, was what to do so that her body would be the same again after pregnancy. Thus, with a worried face, I wondered if it was true that our anatomy changes as much as they say. In this case, I preferred to take the iron off the issue and divert the issue towards more exciting aspects related to your baby. But she insisted again and I got right into the matter, because the truth is that the body is transformed with pregnancy and breastfeeding And while some physical changes are temporary, others remain.

So I told her what all mothers already know and it's no secret: to prevent pregnancy from leaving its mark on us, the most important thing is to prevent and take maximum care of ourselves. The secret or the key to the matter is knowing how to gather the willpower to be constant that whoever gets it. A bulging belly, love handles, skin blemishes, urine leakage and hair loss are temporary setbacks that have as allies exercise and a proper diet, creams with photoprotective filters, Kegel exercises and vitamin supplements. . On the other hand, stretch marks, varicose veins and cellulite are another matter.

- Stretch marks: Fighting the traces they can leave on our female anatomy requires discipline and willpower. And it is that stretch marks are a consequence of the stretching of the skin on the abdomen, chest and buttocks, and leave small scars, which once they appear, have a difficult solution. To prevent them, it is best to use specific rosehip-based creams several times a day, once in the morning and once at night.

- Varicose veins: Varicose veins represent another front against which to fight in pregnancy due to the venous compromise that the growth of the uterus exerts on the legs. Cold creams for fatigue, walking every day for at least half an hour and refreshing the lower extremities with cold water during the daily shower help improve venous return and prevent dilated veins, which once thickened are difficult for them to go away, especially the thin veins or spider veins. And finally, putting the orange peel on the waist before it appears is the priority objective of beauty in pregnancy.

- Cellulite: Cellulite does not distinguish types of women, age, or physical complexion. It affects thin or plump, and young or mature alike. But with the arrival of pregnancy and the hormonal changes that occur, orange peel finds an ideal breeding ground to settle. Exercise, a healthy diet, massages and, after childbirth, certain institute treatments help to improve it, although it is difficult to eliminate it completely.

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