Your baby: happy and safe in your arms

Your baby: happy and safe in your arms

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The International Week of Parenting in Arms, which is held at the beginning of October, aims to bring society closer to the ancestral practice of carrying our babies close to our body, which has so many advantages for babies. It is a custom that was to be eradicated so that porters, mothers or fathers, had more time and freedom, and which is now being recovered due to its multiple benefits.

Halfway between tradition and new carrying systems, among which are the different systems to hold the baby with scarves and baby carriers, the International Week of Parenting in Arms, which places special emphasis on the benefits of carrying our children in our arms, a traditional and natural custom that has been lost over time and is now being recovered.

Thus, although one of the most common advice from grandmothers to young moms was not to raise their babies in their arms because they get used to it and then constantly ask for arms, now the custom of holding the baby in their arms, above all, the newborn to calm him and give him security and confidence It is the most precious advice of any midwife along with all those related to the establishment of breastfeeding. What's more, the Kangaroo Network insists that it is not true that children get 'spoiled' if we carry them a lot in our arms.

Contrary to the ancient beliefs that affirmed that carrying the baby close to the mother's breast made him more dependent on her, today we know that a baby with an age between 0 and 18 months needs affection and protectionn. Hand-to-hand contact with them is essential and very beneficial to establish the mother-child bond, increase mutual knowledge and safe growth of the baby.

One of the most important benefits of holding the baby in your arms is that they have access to breast milk without having to learn resources such as crying to ask for food and, in this way, the baby decides when to wean.

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