7 behaviors that prevent your child from becoming a leader

7 behaviors that prevent your child from becoming a leader

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Parents always try, with all their good intentions, to do the best for their children. However, among their behaviors there are some negatives. They are those that prevent the child from forging a personality with leadership capacity.

Overprotection would be the worst parenting behavior. It not only nullifies the independence and autonomy of the child. Also all his hopes of consolidating a strong personality, without fears or insecurities. Something fundamental in a leader.

The psychologist Tim elmore, president of the Foundation Growing leaders, has collected up to 7 parental behaviors that are negative for children. Here you have them:

1. Do not let the child experience the risk. Parents are scared that our child could hurt himself. That is why we try to keep him away from any situation that may pose a risk to him. However, a leader has to be able to face a risky situation without fear. If you never knew as a child what it felt like to face a dangerous situation, you won't be able to cope when you grow up, and fear will overtake you.

2. Help your child in everything. Parents tend to help their children in everything. We don't even let them try to overcome an obstacle on their own. To make the path easier for them, we shake their hands, we lift them when they fall ... How will they know how to overcome a fall when they are older? How will he learn to solve his problems on his own?

3. Constantly praise your child. If all your child receives is praise and positive reinforcement, they will end up believing that there is nothing to improve. You can always improve. If you lose interest in being better, you won't want to strain. When real life shows you that you are not as good as you thought, frustration will follow. It may be that when he is older he is an arrogant or defeatist young man.

4. Reward him even if he doesn't deserve the award. Positive reinforcement and rewards come in handy. When the child is constantly rewarded, he stops valuing the award. It is no longer good for anything. You don't want to strain. Overall, if they are going to reward you the same ... Material gifts prevent them from seeing the essence of what really matters.

5. Never talk about your past mistakes. The best lesson is the example. If you never talk about the things you did wrong, your child will not know that the action or behavior should be avoided. Explain to him, with your experience, what he should avoid. Although later it is he who stumbles to learn from his own fall.

6. Never do what you say. Be consistent with your actions. Parents must set an example. If you promise something, you must keep it. If you say something, you must act accordingly. Don't be incongruous.

7. Treat him like an adult when he is still a child. Don't confuse intelligence with maturity. Your child may be very smart, but he may not be ready for the adult world.

For your child to be an adult in the future with a strong personality and leadership skills, you should not forget these tips:

1. Trust him. Let it try, drop it, and try again. Have faith in him.

2. Offer challenges. Let him face obstacles and overcome them on his own foot.

3. Never let yourself win. Let him know that you don't always win. You will learn that the feeling of defeat is useful to grow and overcome challenges.

4. Instill strong values. Values ​​are the foundations so that in the future you will know how to make decisions correctly. He instills in him values ​​such as sincerity, loyalty, empathy or friendship from an early age.

5. Give him a reward ... when he deserves it. Let them earn it with effort.

6. Listen to their opinions. You will help him create his own value judgments.

7. Let me choose. You will help him to know what he wants and what he does not want in life.

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