Myths about chocolate for pregnant women and children

Myths about chocolate for pregnant women and children

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If there is something that children and adults alike like, it is the chocolate. Chocolate is a food that cannot be absent in children's nutrition due to the nutrients it provides and because children love it. However, many myths circulate about the convenience of chocolate for the little ones.

We also come across precautions about chocolate for pregnant women and we cannot forget the sambenito that chocolate produces overweight. We intuit that many of those myths about chocolate They are to somewhat discredit the sweet image that this food has in all of us.

- Chocolate makes you fat. It is the quintessential myth that wraps chocolate in an aura of guilt. Chocolate is not the culprit of childhood obesity and we should not deprive ourselves of it during pregnancy. Of course it makes you fat, everything we eat makes you fat, but moderately consumed chocolate does not affect weight change.

- Chocolate causes acne. Surely there will not be a child in the whole world who did not have to listen while he was savoring some chocolate the phrase: 'You will get grains if you eat chocolate'. The relationship between chocolate and acne dates back to the beginning of time, but we are still waiting for scientific evidence that this food has something to do with acne problems.

- Chocolate and hyperactive children. The belief that sugar and especially chocolate promote child hyperactivity is also false. Hyperactive children are not hyperactive because of their diet and if we talk about kids with energy Overflowing is not something that can be attributed to the chocolate either.

- Milk chocolate is better for children. The different varieties of chocolate are also quite confusing. They say that children better eat milk chocolate in order to complete the recommended amount of calcium. However the dark chocolate It is the one that has the most benefits for the health of children and adults, its cough properties are even known.

- Chocolate in pregnant women and happy children. Conventional wisdom states that women who eat chocolate while pregnant give birth to happier children. But we already know that popular wisdom is not always so wise. The happiness of a child depends on his environment in first months of life, not of feeding during pregnancy.

- Chocolate and the state of mind of the pregnant woman. Although eating chocolate during pregnancy does not mean having happy children, it is true that a pregnant woman's mood can improve considerably with a little chocolate. The mood effects of hormonal changes cannot be fought with chocolate, but eating a little chocolate to make us feel happier is not going to hurt us either.

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