Lice and pediculosis videos

Lice and pediculosis videos

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Lice, as well as nits, cause a lot of itching and other discomfort to children. The ease of transmission of lice can lead to repeated infestations, leading to discouragement for some parents. And it is that the places where a large number of children attend daily, such as school, favor the spread of lice among children.

The pharmacist Cristina Abascal Clares explains everything about lice and nits: what they are, how they are and do they act, the prevention of lice at home and at school, contagion and treatments that we can do to eliminate them.

How to keep lice away. On our site we teach you how to prevent the spread of lice. Tricks, home remedies and products that can prevent your child from bringing lice home. From tea tree oil to traditional vinegar.

How to remove lice. When we discover that the child has lice, we must apply an anti-lice treatment. The experts from the Noneontope center for the treatment of lice and pediculosis in children tell us how the treatment should be applied, the use of the lindrera and offer us practical tips to eliminate head lice in children.

Lice repellants. One of the preventive measures against lice in children are repellants, products that scare away these parasites. The pharmacist Cristina Abascal explains how to use them so that they are really effective.

How are lice and nits. What are lice and nits, how they hatch, live, reproduce and spread. Information to know and prevent head lice in children. The pharmacist Cristina Abascal explains to our site some curiosities about these parasites.

Home remedies for lice. Many myths and practices that are not recommended for children have arisen around lice. The pharmacist Cristina Abascal explains to us what parents should never do in the treatment of lice.

Avoid getting head lice at home. Preventing the spread of lice from children is one of the main concerns of parents. But how can we get it at home? The pharmacist Cristina Abascal offers us some advice to put into practice some prevention measures that avoid the spread of lice in the family.

How to detect lice. Learn how to check children's heads for lice and head lice. What lice are like, how they are spread and they teach us to check children's heads and those areas where they are most easily found.

Lice on the way back to school. What are they and how is the treatment for their complete removal of lice and nits carried out? We tell you so that, facing back to school, you know how to act before the appearance of a plague of lice and / or nits on the head of your children or that of any member of the family.

Treatments to eliminate lice. Lotions, shampoos and repellants are some of the products that exist in the market to eliminate lice. But do you know which are the most effective? Treatments to eliminate lice, types of treatments and how to apply them step by step for elimination

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