Benefits of fitball in pregnancy

Benefits of fitball in pregnancy

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Ball exercises for pregnant or fitball are the order of the day. Its multiple benefits have contributed to making these big balls part of the sports routine of many future moms. Knowing its benefits helps pregnant women feel more active during pregnancy.

What is fitball? It is a training program that is carried out with large rubber balls. Exercises during pregnancy must be directed and coordinated by a monitor to avoid muscle overload or inappropriate exercise. But why is this exercise good?

- Pelvic floor benefits: strengthening the pelvic floor is a maxim for pregnant women, since it benefits the woman at the time of delivery, and it is something that can be achieved through the use of the ball or fitball exercises.

- Strengthening the back: For pregnant women it is very important that the back is in the best possible condition, and the exercises of the fitball or the ball help it to remain straight and pain-free.

- Helps flexibility: a good benefit of the ball in pregnancy is that flexibility increases, something that is very important for the pregnancy itself and also for the time of delivery. Also, the more flexible the pregnant woman is, the better her recovery will be after giving birth.

- First trimester: When you are not yet in an advanced stage of pregnancy, the exercises with fitball can focus on soft abs. The sport consists of lying on the back and placing the legs in a table position so that they are perpendicular to the belly, so that we can go up and down by resting our hands on the nape.

- Second quarter: always with care and depending on the pregnancy, you can stretch with fitball. We can place the ball on the ground and support our elbows to gently stretch our legs up, in order to keep our flexibility intact.

- Third trimester: As the pregnancy progresses, it is advisable to reduce the intensity of the exercises we perform, and this also happens with the ball or fitball. The most recommended way to practice breathing is to take small jumps sitting on the ball, in addition to urinary incontinence being worked on.

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