Glossary of pregnancy terms with the letter H

Glossary of pregnancy terms with the letter H

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You don't have to buy multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth to learn more about pregnancy. Since We have developed a dictionary of terms so that you can solve all your doubts.

You will be able to consult all the questions you have about terms related to pregnancy that begin with the letter H. A great way to learn more about what is happening to you.


Also known as piles, they are produced by the inflammation of small veins in the rectum area. It is a common discomfort in pregnant women that usually occur due to constipation, obesity or lack of physical exercise. They also usually appear during childbirth due to the force exerted by women with pushing.

Umbilical hernia

Hernia is a bulge formed by the slipping of an organ through an opening in some part of the human body. Umbilical hernia occurs when the intestine passes through the lining of the abdomen. It is usually prior to pregnancy and the person has had it for years without knowing it, although with pregnancy it becomes more palpable.


It generally appears on the feet, ankles and legs throughout pregnancy and is usually a very common discomfort in pregnant women. It tends to occur more frequently towards the end of pregnancy and, although it is uncomfortable, it is not serious and is mainly due to fluid retention and increased blood production.

Hyperemesis gravidarum

It is the terminology used for nausea and vomiting that affects pregnant women, which occurs mainly in the first trimester of pregnancy, when they are recurrent and pose a risk of dehydration for the mother. It is believed that it happens because the chorionic gonadotropin horoma raises its levels very quickly and this causes discomfort in some pregnant women.

Fetus hiccup

The pregnant woman notices from time to time rhythmic movements in the baby that induce her to think that she has hiccups. It is a normal and very common situation. Although the baby is not breathing through the lungs yet, it is called hiccups and is due to the immaturity of the baby whose diaphragm contracts in certain situations.


This is a decrease in the production of thyroid hormone, which is secreted by the thyroid gland. In pregnancy it can be a cause of abortion if it has not been diagnosed. However, if a hypothyroid woman continues her treatment, it can be completed without any problem.


It is a natural medicine that can help alleviate, prevent or heal pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, urinary tract infections, sciatica, gastric problems or insomnia. Since traditional medication is largely contraindicated during pregnancy, many women turn to homeopathic medicines during pregnancy.


From the moment of fertilization, a series of hormones begin to play their role in bringing the pregnancy to fruition. Some of them only occur during pregnancy and others already existed before, although their levels change during the duration of the pregnancy. Some of them are: progesterone, chorionic gonandotropin, estrogens or lactogen.

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