Dictionary of pregnancy doubts with the letter Y

Dictionary of pregnancy doubts with the letter Y

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Pregnancy is a unique and very special stage in the life of a pregnant woman in which it is important to enjoy every moment and every change. However, doubts will arise throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

To be able to keep up to date with everything that is happening to you and not get lost among the hundreds of new terms that you will find, in we have developed a dictionary of doubts for pregnant women. Here you will find all the words that begin with letter Y.


Iodine is a very important micronutrient during pregnancy since its function is to intervene in brain development and growth and regulation of the child's metabolism. To obtain the necessary amount of iodine, the pregnant woman is often prescribed supplements, however, she can also obtain it from certain foods.


It is a very beneficial practice for pregnant women as it helps maintain flexibility and strengthen the muscular system. In addition, it stimulates the venous return of the legs and circulation. It also helps emotionally as it helps the woman relax and lower her stress level throughout pregnancy.

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