How to teach children to respect each other's living space

How to teach children to respect each other's living space

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In adult life, people need others to respect each other's living space, if they don't, we feel uncomfortable. It is like a form of respect that we need at all costs to be able to coexist correctly with others. Respecting personal space goes hand in hand with establishing personal limits and all of these are social skills that must be learned from when children are very young.

As parents, it is essential to teach children to identify and understand this personal space modeling appropriate behaviors, planning learning activities at home so that children have valuable lessons in daily life. In this way, children will learn to respect the vital space of the other, but also themselves and also the children will learn to avoid inappropriate situations in life that can be dangerous. But how do you teach these social skills?

1. Call before entering. It is important that children learn to knock on a door before entering. Knocking and waiting for an answer before entering a room with the door closed is necessary to respect the other's living space, it is important to use modeling and be the best example for the children.

2. Close the bathroom door. Teaching children to close the bathroom door is teaching them that all people need privacy and so does he.

3. With puppets. A suitable way to teach children what living space is and how to respect it is through puppets. With two puppets you can explain to the children the distances that there should be between two people. Ask the children if this distance is adequate and why and then give the appropriate answers.

4. Teach the difference between people near and far. Children need to understand the difference between the living space of close people (family and close friends) and those who are not.

5. React to danger. It is necessary to teach the little ones how to react when a strange person invades their personal space. You will always have to seek the help of another adult to seek protection, for example if a stranger comes to talk to you at school you will have to quickly find a teacher so that you know what is happening.

When the child learns to respect the personal and vital space of others, he will also know how to set limits for other people when they invade his space. This is absolutely necessary to avoid dangerous situations with strangers and for children to know how to react in time.

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