How to choose a story for babies from 0 to 3 years old

How to choose a story for babies from 0 to 3 years old

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We always talk about the strong emotional bond that reading a story to our children means, the bond that is established between parents and children is very important for the development of children.

We sing and speak to newborns as if they understand us. Our presence and our voice reassures them, they get used to it and listening to it gives them security, so why not extend this very pleasant moment for the baby? Why not read them a story?

Today we can find stories of all kinds and for all ages, even for babies, in specialized bookstores.

- From 3 to 12 months: From three months on, a child begins to laugh and show signs of interaction. A little later they observe us carefully, if we sing to them and gesture with our hands, 'the five little wolves', for example, they even try to imitate us. When they are older they manage to keep objects in their little hands. There are stories for those ages with very striking illustrations, fundamental at this stage, and of great color to attract the attention of the little ones, not too big, not too small. Stories with voices and noises that help children to know their environment, for example, there are books about animals that, when pressing a button, make the horse whinny or the dog bark, with which little by little the child will discover the world around you. It is very important that these books are made of soft material, be it plastic, fabric, etc. It has a soft texture, that does not have tips with which the child can hurt itself, or of toxic material, since the child will take it safely to the mouth.

- From 12 to 36 months: After the year, more or less, you can choose stories that have very short texts so that they become familiar with the letters, so little by little they will learn while they play. As they grow we can add more text and more images.

Rhyming stories are ideal for this childhood stage due to their repetition and loudness. When they reach three years old, they will surprise us learning and reciting nursery rhymes that we did not think they were capable of.

I leave you a very short children's poem to read to your children. If they are more than three or four months old, you can accompany the text with exaggerated gestures and making sounds emitted by different animals, they will surely pay more attention to you.


Bullet the sheep,

the cow moos,

the bitch barks

behind the cat.

Crooked the frog,

the dormouse sleeps,

the cat meows

behind the mouse.

I end with a phrase from 'The Little Prince' (Antoine de Saint Exupéry): 'All older people were children at first (although few of them remember it)'.

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