Tricks for children to eat vegetables

Tricks for children to eat vegetables

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What is the reaction of our children to a plate of vegetables? Several things can happen: that he begins to retch, that the food becomes ball and passes it eternally from one side to the other or that he does not want to if he wants to eat a bite.

And it is that children eat with their eyes and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, do not attract them at all, nor the smell of others such as cauliflower or cabbage. What can we parents do to get children to eat vegetables?

Despite the reluctance of children to a plate of vegetables and all the tricks they carry out not to eat it, We parents know that these foods must be in the diet of our children. Why?

- They provide vitamins: such as vitamin C or A.

- They provide minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus or calcium.

- They help the growth and development of children.

- They have high fiber content, and this together with the fact that they also have a lot of water make them very diuretic.

- They are low-fat foods.

On our site we know a few tricks of what parents can do to get children to eat vegetables:

- Children often do not eat them because their appearance is not pleasant to them, nor their taste, a bit bitter. To avoid this we can: camouflage them: for example in vegetable croquettes, make creams or purees, put some mushrooms on a pizza, coat them from time to time (try the exquisite cauliflower), make a savory cake or a risotto, there are many possibilities .

- We can also give them vegetables that are sweeter such as corn, carrot, peas or pumpkin.

- Involve your children in the kitchen so that they are excited to eat what they have prepared.

- Set an example for your children: if they see you eat vegetables it will be easier for them to see it as something everyday and normal.

- Start the sooner the better, incorporate the vegetables from the earliest childhood.

And what we should not do:

- Do not fill your plate with vegetables, just put a few as garnish

- Don't force him to eat them. Respect her tastes and let her choose which one she prefers: spinach or zucchini?

- Don't blackmail him like that: if you don't eat it there won't be dessert.

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