How school influences your child's future success

How school influences your child's future success

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Renowned businessmen, judges and bankers have passed through the same college. And even a president of the government. All this in Spain. But the same thing happens in the United States: Harvard boasts of having trained people of the stature of Bill Gates or Barack Obama. Is college and university really so important for the future of children?

Success is a race that always starts from square 0. The sooner a child begins preparing for the race, the better equipped they will be to overcome obstacles. This is the foundation on which colleges such as the one in Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Madrid, Spain) or universities such as Harvard (USA). Are they educational institutions that 'manufacture' leaders? But how do they do it?

- In Spain: At the school of Our Lord of Pilar (Madrid, Spain), studied among others, the former president of the government José María Aznar, the vice president of Banco Santander, Guillermo de la Dehesa or the president of the Prisa group, Juan Luis Cebrián.

- In United States: At school Phillips (Massachusetts) former President George Bush and some of the Kennedy family studied, while for the Phillips Exeter AcademyWriters like Dan Brown or John Irving have passed. Special mention has the Harvard University, who has graduated personalities of the stature of US President Barack Obama, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, actors Matt Damon and Natalie Portman, Facebook founder Marck Zuckerberg, basketball player Jeremy Lin, former US President JF Kennedy ...

- In England: Eton It is perhaps the UK boarding school that has educated the most prime ministers, with a total of 19 (including David Cameron). Princes William and Henry of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the actor Hugh Laurie also studied there.

Without a doubt, the form of education is decisive in the future of children. Although to this we must add the capabilities and personality of each one. If the basis is the same for the hundreds of children who pass through the classrooms of these select schools, why do only some of them become leaders?

The keys to these schools lies in customization. Each child has a talent, a capacity. If the teacher is able to exalt these gifts, the child will surely become a leader.

The teachers of these schools become guides. They just have to guide each of the students on the right path. What are your skills? Music? Dedicate yourself to music! But then, it is not worth being just another musician. You have to be the best.

Many of these schools coincide in their methodology: encourage the student to participate, generate debate and logical thinking. Give the importance it deserves to creativity without forgetting about new technologies.

The question is: can a child become a leader without going through the classrooms of a school with these characteristics? The answer is yes. These colleges are not determinative. They help, yes, but even more important is the child's environment, their abilities and of course, their motivation and expectations.

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