Videos about childhood hyperactivity

Videos about childhood hyperactivity

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What is hyperactivity? How is it diagnosed? What children can be hyperactive? How to know if a child is hyperactive? These and many other questions are asked by thousands of parents around the world every day. What used to be a moved child, with attention problems or excessively impulsive, was diagnosed a few years ago as infantile hyperactivity.

To clarify all the doubts that parents may have about ADHD, psychologists and parents of hyperactive children shed light on this disorder.

Profile of a hyperactive child. Are punishments good or bad? Can children with ADHD be punished the same way as those without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Mª Jesús Ordóñez, Primary Care Pediatrician, solves all these doubts for us.

How to know if the child is hyperactive. A pair of parents explains to us in this video, how to identify and diagnose a hyperactive child. Those parents of a child with hyperactivity and attention deficit answer many questions from other parents who are in the same situation, about this disorder.

Mistakes of the parents of a hyperactive child. When the word ADHD appears in the diagnosis they give you about your child, many parents do not know how to react with the little one. Here are some tips from a pediatrician and her husband who tell us, through their experience, the most common mistakes in these cases.

Treatment of hyperactive children. Primary Care Pediatrician, explains the treatment and therapy that a hyperactive child should follow. The book 'You are not alone', explains the treatment and therapy that a hyperactive child should follow

Hyperactive child difficulties. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may encounter certain inconveniences when entering an educational center. These are the difficulties of hyperactive children in school led by the pediatrician Mª Jesús Ordóñez.

The behavior of a hyperactive child. The Primary Care pediatrician Mª Jesús Ordóñez explains to us what the profile of a hyperactive child is like and from what age can Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) be diagnosed. We tell you more about children with ADD or ADHD.

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Video: How is ADHD in children tested and treated? (December 2022).