Ideas to decorate the Christmas tree

Ideas to decorate the Christmas tree

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To give a touch of color to the Christmas tree you can hang some colored bows. You can make them with red or green satin ribbon, or even with silver, gold, striped, plaid or diamond ribbons.

Making gold stars to decorate the Christmas tree is as simple as drawing and cutting out a cardboard star. Then they are covered by yellow paper and to make them shine even more you can cover them with gold glitter.

Mix 300 grams of salt, with 300 grams of flour, a tablespoon of oil and water to make a homogeneous and consistent dough. Once it's ready, use Christmas cartoon molds to make the cookies; and do not forget to make a small hole at the top of each piece through which the thread will pass through which it will be hung on the tree. And after a few minutes in the oven you will have your Christmas salt cookies ready.

Pick up some pinecones and paint them silver or gold using spray paint until they are completely covered and put them to dry. It's that simple you can have some shiny Christmas cones ready, you just need to tie them with a thread at their base and hang them from your Christmas tree.

Paint some cardboard or white cork balls, about 7 or 8 centimeters in diameter, with acrylic paint of the color that you like best. Once they have dried, cut a square larger than the paper ball out of cellophane of the same chosen color and wrap the sphere in the paper and roll the end of the paper closed. Now that the ball is finished, tie the paper with a thread and glue it so that it does not come apart. And when it is dry, you can now hang it on your Christmas tree!

Pick up some unopened pineapples and cover them with silver foil. To make them shiny you can sprinkle a little silver glitter all over the pineapple. Now you just need to place a thread on top and find the right place for your new Christmas ornament.

Red is one of the most representative colors of Christmas. Also, if you add a little yarn and bells, you can make a nice decoration element for your home.

The family Christmas tree will be more beautiful if we make some crafts with the children to use in their decoration. These felt gifts are ideal to use as a tree ornament.

To make these little gifts, you just have to use different colors of felt. Two squares are cut and then the edges are sewn. If you want you can fill them with cotton before sewing, to give them more volume. Then, you just have to decorate each gift as the children like them best.

Surely there will be no other Christmas ornament in the house richer and more exquisite than this star made of Ginger cookie. His recipe is very easy and simple. Kids will love making these cookies.

In addition, with the gingerbread cookies you can get other shapes, like a Christmas tree, a snowman, a reindeer, etc. And don't forget to make a few holes before putting them in the oven. Only then will it be possible to hang them on the Christmas tree.

This lovely and friendly reindeer is made of thick white felt. If you want to do it you just have to draw a reindeer and then cut it out and use it as a template for the felt reindeer. Then stick a ribbon to hang it on the Christmas tree.

You can make reindeer in all colors, white, yellow, orange, brown ... according to the children's taste. If you want you can also add some nutcrackers to make noise.

This ornament is simple, easy and very quick to make. You just need a few pieces of red fabric or another color that you like the most and some thread to embroider a Christmas tree drawing or another of your choice. Cut two rectangles, sew on the edges leaving one side open. Then it turns around and the Christmas figure that you like the most is embroidered.

You can also make bags of various colors and keep some surprises inside for children. How about?

Rich, exquisite, and precious. Ideal for decorating the Christmas tree and eating. An easy, simple idea, ideal to spend a fun time with children. It is a mix between recipe and children's craft.

The cinnamon cookies are prepared, then cutters are used with the shape of a tree, stars, and whatever you have at home, and decorated with either fondant or sugar syrup, as seen in the image.

A tree hanging on a tree Christmas? Of course. Children will like to make this pretty Christmas tree out of felt and sequins. A simple and very easy craft to do.

You just need to cut out the tree design on the felt twice, then sew the two parts together. Before closing, fill it with cotton. Then, you just need to decorate with sequins, ribbons, bows, and whatever you want.

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