Causes of insomnia after childbirth

Causes of insomnia after childbirth

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The happiness of finally having your baby with you is incomparable, but it is true that after delivery some inconveniences may appear that will make it difficult for you to adapt to your new situation as a mother. Y The insomnia It will be your worst maternity partner.

It is evident the transformation that your day to day with the arrival of the baby will undergo and that is why it is not strange that insomnia appears. But we want to search all causes of insomnia after delivery to be able to treat them. Your baby needs you rested too.

- Fatigue. Insomnia probably already appeared in the last trimester of pregnancy due to fatigue. You are even more tired after giving birth because of the physical wear that means giving birth. So it is a matter of a few weeks before you recover.

- New mothers. Almost all mothers have trouble sleeping during the baby's first few months, but insomnia is almost guaranteed in the case of new mothers. The responsibility of caring for a baby is totally new to you and you fear falling asleep and something will happen to it. Your insomnia is the product of your unsafety.

- Schedules. Babies do not sleep little, it is that they sleep a few moments. Adapting to the baby's schedules to breastfeed or bottle when necessary supposes a total breakdown of your sleep cycle. And there is no solution because you have to adapt to the baby's schedules.

- Postpartum depression. Insomnia can be a symptom of postpartum depression. Tiredness, sadness, lack of courage and feeling of guilt by not feeling as happy as expected, they make you unable to sleep.

- Hormonal change. Hormones are uncontrollable throughout pregnancy and estrogen levels are not regulated immediately after delivery. The hormonal balance It will take a while to arrive and while it is occurring, it is normal that you have trouble sleeping.

- Postpartum pain. The uterus increases in size to accommodate your baby and the contractions you undergo are not only during labor. Once you have given birth, the uterus should regain its size original and painful contractions appear that prevent you from sleeping.

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