How to regain figure after pregnancy

How to regain figure after pregnancy

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Diet, exercise, gymnastics, Kegel, Pilates, cosmetic surgery, and God knows what else. They want lose the kilos acquired during the nine monthsThey want to go to the rescue of the old curves, strengthen the muscles of the gut, in short, they want to be as or better than before, and as fast as possible.

There is no doubt that they are happy to give birth, but when they look in the mirror, they see that their figure is no longer the same and they do not feel good about themselves. Reading the press this morning, an article stunned me. At 37, a British woman is pregnant with her fourteenth child. And as if this were not enough, she looks like an admirable figure as if she had never given birth.

Is it possible to be pregnant thirteen times and maintain a slim, firm and healthy body? Well, Joanne Watson is proof that this is possible. Now, in the third month of her pregnancy, seven months after giving birth to her thirteenth child, she says she is lucky to recover very quickly from her deliveries.

She does not feel the symptoms of pregnancy, and that she even allows herself to eat some chocolate when she is pregnant. Joanne assures that she does not gain much weight because she does not feel very hungry. And it doesn't surprise me. Can you imagine having to take care of thirteen children, prepare breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, take them to school, to the doctor, to the park, do grocery shopping, do clothes, put washing machines, iron, ufff ... I can think of so many things, and all multiplied by 13!

Of course, if I had so many children, surely I wouldn't even have time to eat. Just thinking about how the day to day of this family will be, cuts my hunger and exhausts me. However, on the other hand, it transmits me some tenderness and joy, although I do not think this is the best or the only magic formula for women regain their figure after childbirth.

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