What do 7 year olds learn?

What do 7 year olds learn?

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As the child progresses through school, each day becomes a new adventure and a time of discovery. This period of childhood the child begins to learn the skills necessary to become a self-sufficient person. Each child has his own personality that influences each stage of learning and development.

Physically, a growth stage also begins, they begin to grow and gain muscle strength, coordination and increased resistance are key in this stage. But in addition to all this, 7-year-olds learn many things in this very special year.

1. They begin to share their knowledge with others, have a longer attention span and are able to understand detailed instructions.

2. They are curious and frequently ask adults and peers questions to satisfy their need to know. They use increasingly complex and creative strategies to solve problems at home and at school.

3. Language skills at age seven reflect the growing impact of language and literacy.

4. They greatly improve in reading (speed, accuracy and expression) and in writing (independence) and enjoy everything that has to do with words, language interaction, literacy and learning. They enjoy reading and writing.

5. Number sense and estimation skills increase. They can do simple addition and subtraction and can apply necessary strategies to solve related problems.

6. Children who are more physically active have more motor development than those who are more sedentary.

7. They like to have friends but also enjoy independent play. They understand rule games and like to play them while respecting their partners in the game.

8. They are able to understand the actions and feelings of others.

9. The creative arts are a protagonist at this age: art, music, dance or theater are activities that they like thanks to the personal experiences that are created around these activities.

10. Will be able to follow instructions of different steps without much insistence from the adult, they begin to show more autonomy in this regard.

11. Besides asking questions, you will also be able to answer direct questions such as: where, when, with whom, why, etc.

7-year-olds are undoubtedly at a precious age, it is the ideal time to that parents encourage them to do chores around the house and take on greater responsibilities, it is also necessary to encourage them to read so that they are able to feel this activity as something pleasant.

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