NO to child sexual abuse

NO to child sexual abuse

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Child abuse is one of the great concerns of parents at the beginning of the century. Every day more and more cases of sexual abuse of boys and girls are known. Abuses by parents, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, educators, caregivers, psychologists, priests, and even humanitarian members, does not encourage us, in any way, to trust others.

Cases are increasing even though there are respectable initiatives that work for the prevention and solution of this great problem. Argentine professionals, parents, grandparents, and victims of sexual abuse, are united on a website to inform, clarify, guide and fight against child sexual abuse. They warn parents, educators, etc. that children do not lie, do not fable, do not fantasize when they say they have been abused.

The British NGO Save the Children has denounced on numerous occasions that children and adolescents in Côte d'Ivoire, southern Sudan and Haiti are victims of sexual abuse by members of peacekeepers and humanitarian workers. They are subjected to rape, prostitution and sexual slavery, without being able to defend themselves.

But the abuses have no nationality. And the big problem is not only the abuse itself, but also the lack of support for these children, silent victims, immersed in senseless guilt and shame. Through Child Sexual Abuse NO, you can report cases of abuse, and at the same time learn about how to prevent them, and how to educate children to protect themselves from this traumatic situation. There is open talk about child sexual abuse so that it is no longer a taboo subject in society, so that everyone is prepared to detect a case and report it immediately, and thus protect children.

Children are not beaten, not threatened and not humiliated. We adults do not go out there hitting or mistreating others. Why do many believe in the right to do it to their child? Abuse destroys ties between parents and children. It causes terrible damage to children, damages their self-esteem and learning, fosters anger and helplessness, and destroys their self-confidence and self-esteem. The bodies of children are not and must not be subjected to the will of adults. Their bodies are his and no one else's.

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