Children who pee on the bed should go to the doctor

Children who pee on the bed should go to the doctor

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Urologist Juan Carlos Ruiz de la Roja collect in your book Why do children wet the bed? Answers from a doctor, the guidelines that parents should know to try to remove the diaper, first during the day and then at night. It is also intended for parents who have children who urinate at night. For them there are medical guidelines, which are very simple to follow.

In addition, it offers all the information parents need to know why it is important to consult the subject of enuresis with a doctor and when they should do it, as well as advice to assess what kind of rewards we should give to children, as they mature. According to this specialist, the most important thing is that we should never punish children to avoid ending up with a psychological trauma that can affect the rest of their lives.

What would you say to parents who do not take their children to the doctor, ashamed to admit that they wet the bed?
There are many families who are ashamed to admit that their children wet the bed because there is a family history. Most of the time it was the parents and grandparents who wet the bed, and they are ashamed to admit it. Childhood enuresis is a hereditary disease and the problem is usually experienced very much in the family. It is known that it is a subject that disappears with the passage of time and, for this reason, it tries to hide itself. We live before a taboo subject, which is not discussed.

Why don't these children with enuresis sometimes go to the doctor?
Because since parents have also suffered from the problem and they know that with the passing of the years and the maturation of the bladder the problem disappears, this makes them not consult. Asking a doctor about this issue invites parents to withdraw. Unfortunately we know that less than 20 percent of children under 5 years of age who wet the bed are still seen by a specialist.

How is the treatment of children with enuresis?
Within childhood enuresis, medical causes represent 90 percent of cases. If the cause of the child's enuresis is diabetes, which causes the child to urinate frequently even at night, the treatment will consist of treating the diabetes, so it is very important to do medical tests to reach a diagnosis. If the problem is that the child has an overproduction of nocturnal urine, usually the treatment is with a pill that is put under the tongue to reduce nocturnal urine leakage. In the event that the child has a smaller capacity bladder, physical exercises should be done combined with a treatment to correct this delay in bladder growth.

Do home treatments work to cure the child of enuresis?
The most popular home remedy for bedwetting is to heat the bladder, but most of these home treatments don't work. Therefore, the most important thing is to have a specialist who offers guidelines such as reducing or controlling the amount of liquid that the child drinks throughout the night, having the child urinate every three hours or reducing caffeine consumption at the same time. in the afternoon to decrease the amount of nighttime urine.

How are the tests performed on children with enuresis?
They basically consist of a urinalysis, to find out if there may be a problem in the urine that may justify that child urinating on the bed, and an ultrasound to see what capacity the bladder has and to see if the child empties well. bladder when urinating. The ultrasound also tells us there is some malformation of the urinary system.

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