What do children learn in preschool education?

What do children learn in preschool education?

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Preschool education is one that ranges from 3 to 5 years old. It is not mandatory in most countries and is based on the stimulation of the child's intellectual, emotional and motor development So you can take advantage of it when you start primary education (already compulsory) at the age of 6.

Also called early childhood education, it tries to develop and enhance the capacities of the child and prepare them for the learning that they will have to carry out later.

Each country has its own educational program, but in general it is a system that contributes to the child's development and learning process in several areas:

- Emotions: children learn to regulate their emotions, to resolve conflicts and to respect the rules of coexistence in the classroom,

- Communication: they must acquire confidence to be able to express themselves and dialogue with others, the activities carried out in the classroom try to enhance the ability to listen and communicate.

- Interest in reading: They still cannot read or write, but from the early stages of early childhood education it is about promoting interest and taste for books by reading in class and bringing stories to children.

- Physical dexterity: psychomotor activities and body movement games prepare them to know, better control their body and prepare them for sport. They are activities that improve your coordination, control, manipulation and movement skills.

- Letters and numbers: the child is not taught to read or write, but it is to put him in contact with the world of letters and written language. Also with the numbers and the amount they represent.

- Interest in the environment: it is about training children to learn about natural phenomena and living beings, at the same time as they acquire habits that are favorable to caring for the environment.

- Stimulate creativity: initiatives are encouraged for the child to use the imagination and express it through music, painting, theater ...

- Values: children must recognize the basic principles for life in society. They are taught to act based on respect for others, tolerance, empathy, diversity or generosity.

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