The rights of grandparents and grandchildren

The rights of grandparents and grandchildren

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Grandparents play a fundamental role in the transmission of values ​​and in the union of the family, since the family environment is not reduced to parent-child relationships, a fundamental cell, but to the entire body of family relationships that can be established : uncles, nephews, cousins, grandchildren ...

It is really painful to hear testimonies from grandparents who are not allowed to see their grandchildren, especially when, previously, they have had a close and loving relationship with them.

A few days ago we received an emotional email from a grandmother, a grandmother who could not exercise such because her children do not allow her to see her granddaughter, so she limited herself to thinking about her or hearing her cry helplessly, unable to approach to hug her, not even speak it. We wonder how this is possible, but unfortunately it is not an isolated case.

Although grandparents are fundamental pieces in the integration of family life because they try to maintain, sustain and strengthen the family unit among all the members, and also, in many cases, falls on them the arduous task of taking care of their grandchildren (with dedication and tenderness) while their parents work, they are deprived, in some cases, of the emotional ties they deserve to have with their grandchildren.

Although this situation is not frequent, there are numerous reasons that can generate this tragic and painful situation, one of them and the most frequent one can occur in processes of divorce, separation or nullification of the parents' union. Grandparents in these cases do not have to resign, they have the right to claim before the Courts the right to visit and communicate with their grandchildren, despite the parents' refusal.

Article 160 of the current Spanish civil code expressly recognizes that "the personal relationships of the child with his grandparents and other relatives and friends may not be impeded without just cause." Personal relationships can certainly be complicated or undesirable, but we must avoid at all costs using children as a bargaining chip or weapon to harm others who also love them and can enrich their existence. Many times, we must seek harmony in difficult situations and remain firm in common sense so that our child does not suffer from our wrong decisions. At the end of the day, they are our children and we love them for that, but in no case do they belong to us, even though we have their guardianship and custody by right.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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