The first time Barbie included a child in her ads

The first time Barbie included a child in her ads

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The quintessential 'girls' doll, in the hands of a child. Why not? Barbie has been slow to accept that a child can play with dolls, but finally he has.

This is certainly a different ad. There is hardly any pink so characteristic of this doll, it attends to the fashion of a specific designer (Moschino) and uses among its advertisers a little boy of about 8 years of age.

Children play with dolls. And girls also like soccer. But the ads insist on labeling the toys, by color and by content. Pink toys for girls. Blue toys for children. Dolls and bead sets for girls. Cars and superheroes for kids.

However, I have seen children create fantastic bracelets with great skill. And girls dressed as Darth Vader fight vigorously. Neither lightsabers are for boys nor a baby with a crib for girls.

The only thing we should pay attention to when giving a toy is that it complies with all the required security measures and that the child will really like it. And the latter does not depend on the sex of the child, but on his personality and preferences.

The barbie doll designed by Moschino is different. Rebel and groundbreaking. So, your ad had to be shocking. So for the first time, Mattel decides to include a boy, who also likes shiny bags and doll accessories. After the announcement, the doll, a limited edition, broke a sales record in just one hour, and its price is around $ 150.

Of course, this is a timid attempt to break with the stereotypes that still persist in most advertisements for children's toys. Shy, because they still have something important left: the image of the doll. It is difficult to fight against a model who suggests to girls and boys that the most beautiful among the beautiful is the woman with an impossible waist and vertigo heels. A young girl who has it all, infinite jewelry, bags and wardrobes. That girl model is still the same. And there are things that are very difficult to change ...

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