The fate of children's used toys

The fate of children's used toys

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From this image, photographed in the street of my house, so many conclusions can be drawn ... What are an elephant, a bear and a frog doing sitting at the foot of some garbage containers? Who have put them there? To whom did these cute creatures belong? Some boy or girl who, at a certain moment, slept with them, told them their little secrets or shared their fantasies with them ... The years pass, children grow, pass stages ... and toys end up being replaced and abandoned.

Although the image awakens some tenderness, it is also a tremendous shame. It is hard to see that the stories of some films such as 'Toy Story', are also repeated in real life. It will seem strange to you to understand that you are looking for children for toys, when you normally look for toys for children, right? But In the so-called 'first world', toys are piled up in closets, shelves, and on some occasions like this one, on the street, abandoned next to garbage containers.

I imagine what this bear, the elephant and the frog will 'think'. What will your destination be? From the looks of it, who put them there, did not want to throw them away. You may have had no choice but to leave them there because you may have tried to donate them to an institution and they denied it on the grounds that they could not accumulate them to direct them to the less economically disadvantaged children. Sometimes I took my daughter's toys, used and in good condition to one of these institutions and they told me that they could not keep them because it was not the time to collect toys. Honestly, I find it hard to believe that this happens in the world we live in.

On the other hand, I want to believe that whoever put these stuffed animals there was careful not to mix them with the garbage. Maybe he did it because he has not found a special container for toys, true? Thinking about it, I think it would not be bad if there was a special container, only for toys, and that some public service was responsible for recycling them and directing them to children who do not have the opportunity to have a toy. That wouldn't be bad at all.

¿What fate could we give to the toys that our children no longer play with? If you have any recommendations, I would like to know. Maybe other mothers and fathers too. Something better than leaving them out in the open. Something that could "save" them from abandonment. I think we could do a lot about it, right? Well, you will tell me.

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