What do you usually prepare for Christmas dinner?

What do you usually prepare for Christmas dinner?

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In these days before Christmas, being prepared is more than an option, it is almost an obligation and a duty. There are so many things to prepare ... the shopping and gift list, the decoration of the house, the suitcases for a possible trip, the Christmas dinner menu ...

That does not mean that we are going to get into a Christmas recipe contest, but the truth is that as Christmas approaches, we go crazy to know what we are going to prepare for Christmas dinner. Do you already have any idea of ​​what you are going to prepare?

Are you already thinking about what to cook this Christmas? Everything will depend, of course, on the taste and traditions of each family. Depending on the country you live in, what you eat will be different.

In Spain, for example, it is customary to have fish and shellfish, nougat, polvorones and mantecados, as well as the Christmas log on the table.

In many countries, a good stuffed baked turkey or roasted ham on the table cannot be missed. There are menus for all tastes and possibilities.

Apart from tastes and taste preferences, we also have to consider the peculiarities of each person, that is, if they are celiac, allergic or diabetic, if they are vegetarian ... and of course if they are children.

It is important that the little ones at home can also enjoy a delicious menu, as well as its presentation at the table. Children will love helping out with food and table preparation.

After all, Christmas night is still a special time to share songs, Christmas carols, cooking, games, etc.

Having children in the kitchen can also be a lot of fun and it almost doesn't matter what is prepared, as long as you see them happy and enjoying themselves. Christmas dinner is even more special if there are children at the table. The best thing for them is that the food is as simple and practical as possible, and attractive at the same time.

On this night, we want everything to be perfect and that is why it is very important that we plan in terms of shopping and the menu, although the fundamental thing of a Christmas with children is not only the food, but the games and all the activities that we can share with them. After all, this is what Christmas is all about: bringing family and friends together and enjoying a unique and unrepeatable moment.

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