Down syndrome: Naomi's story

Down syndrome: Naomi's story

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My name is Naomi, I'm from MexicoI was born a little over 5 years ago and the doctors told my parents that I was not well and that I had features of Down Syndrome.

My parents did not know how to react at first, not because they did not love me, but because they had no information about my illness and there was a lot of uncertainty. Then they began to plan how to make my life not have so many problems.

We tell you what the story of Naomi, a girl with Down Syndrome.

With barely five days old he genetic specialist He communicated to my parents that I couldn't get by and the world fell apart for them again, but they still didn't stop fighting for me for a single moment. They subjected me to endless studies and analyzes with which I suffered a lot and I attended the consultations of cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, audiology, at the same time that they took me three times a week to an early stimulation center and also I worked at home with the help of my familySoon, she could do things that other down kids didn't!

When I was a year old, I entered the Jonh Landon Down Foundation, to participate in a program based on my needs. I worked a lot then and it was very tiring for my whole family to carry it out as directed. In the morning I worked with my mother, in the afternoon at the nursery or with my grandmother and at night with my father. Sometimes I saw that my parents felt that I would not make it, but when they looked at me they took new courage to continue. After so much effort I started to crawl and it wasn't until I was two years old that I took my first steps. So, I entered school with other regular children (without disabilities), there together with the foundation I learned some colors, shapes, sizes, concepts, numbers, etc.

The recognition of my achievements, and the appreciation and respect that they gave me, helped me a lot to feel like any other child. At the age of three, I entered another school and it was a bit difficult to adapt because I missed my previous school, so I stayed in a corner doing nothing. My new teacher came to think that she had many shortcomings, but little by little I showed her that I could do it. She at the beginning I overprotected myself Because some of my classmates came to physically attack me with scratches or bites, but my disability had nothing to do with this, but I had bad luck with it.

In May 2008, the Mini-Olympiad at the zone level and I was the one chosen to carry the Olympic torch, when the cauldron came into my hands, all the people who were there shouted my name supporting me. Currently I am five years five months old, I have a follow-up in USAER (it is the support that some regular schools provide to girls like me so that we can integrate into society) and the FJLD; I continue to be constantly reviewed, I receive speech therapy, treatment orthopedic and ophthalmology.

I have my little sister who I love and she loves me a lot, I am a very loved and respected person and that makes me have a happy childhood. Now, not everything has been to take the initiative and strive to achieve my goals, unfortunately, for the people with different abilities we find it difficult to find teachers, doctors, and therapists who understand our needs. My parents and I have had many stumbles, but little by little, just like when I learned to walk, we have moved on.

Text of Gabriela Lopez. Naomi's mother (2012)

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