How to teach children to use cutlery at the table

How to teach children to use cutlery at the table

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Who has this never happened to? You go out to eat with your children one day at a friend's house, and suddenly the meal becomes a moment of stress and anguish for everyone. Breadcrumbs flying through the air, cutlery falling again and again to the floor, impossible to clean stains on the tablecloth ... How can I educate my son so that he knows how to behave when sitting at the table? What kind of limits should I impose?

There are basic rules that every child should know. Obviously, he will improve them with age. But there are insurmountable limits that every parent should impose on their children.

- Not getting up from the table when eating: something so basic and so difficult to control. Young children tend to constantly get up from the table. If you allow them to do it at home freely, when they go to someone else's house, they will do the same. Explain that while a person eats, they should not get up until they have finished. And that to get up before the others finish, you must ask permission. At first it will cost them, but you will see how little by little they will comply with the norm.

- No playing at the table: there are parents who let their children fill the table with toys. If it's a baby, it's understandable, because you can use the toys to make mealtime more entertaining and they enjoy eating. But when the child grows up, the toy becomes a distraction and in the end the opposite effect is achieved: the food goes on forever.

Getting the child to eat by himself is a long and complex task. But it is the perfect time to teach him to eat sitting down, use the napkin, fill his glass and use the cutlery. Treat it as a game. You will want to learn while having fun. Learning is a challenge for him. If you present it to him as something fun, he will assimilate it much better and in the process he will gain autonomy.

- The spoon: it is the first cutlery that the child learns to handle. You can start from when he is a baby, the moment you introduce the porridge into his diet. For your child, the spoon will be a toy at first, and the puree will end up splashing everywhere. Don't scold him, because he's learning. Guide him with your hand so that he understands how to use the spoon. At first he will grab it with his fist. From the age of 2, you can teach him to hold it between his thumb and index finger.

- Fork: children can start using the fork before the year. They are trained for it. At the beginning you can let them take the food by hand so that they gain autonomy. Then show him how to use a fork to do the same thing he did with his hand. The most normal thing is that at first the child takes the food with his hand and pierces it with the fork. It is a first step. Little by little he will be able to prick the pieces of food and take them to his mouth.

- The knife: Sometimes we parents are the ones who are afraid of children using knives. But from 3 years old, they can do it without problems. If they already know how to use the spoon and fork, they are ready to use the knife. We start with soft foods first, leading her by hand. First we teach him that he must prick the food and with the other hand (the right hand, if he is right-handed), cut with the knife in a back and forth motion. It's a long process. Up to six years old, children cannot use the knife with ease.

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