How do children today know the truth about Santa Claus?

How do children today know the truth about Santa Claus?

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Do you remember how you found out about the reality about Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men? My best friend told me when I was 6 years old. Her mother had explained it to her to prevent another girl from breaking the magic in a very abrupt way, and what did my friend do? Break mine, obviously as soon as she found out. And it is that, in the past, we children discovered through friends. Today the story has changed, and the great snitch is none other than ... the Internet!

A survey carried out in 13 countries, in which 14,089 families with children born between 1997 and 2013 took part, revealed that 26% of children find out the truth about Santa Claus or the Kings through the Internet, browsing web pages .

The study, carried out by Google itself, also revealed that the age at which you stop believing in Santa Claus has decreased from 8 years to 6 years in the current generation.

The children surveyed said that their first suspicions had been born after seeing advertisements for the gifts they had requested on the pages where they surfed. And we already know that the pages we visit save our preferences and they invest money for Google to show us ads related to what we have been interested in.

In other cases, children caught their parents buying gifts online, and some even saw videos and jokes about Santa Claus being put on the track.

Can we parents do something to avoid this? There are two solutions:

- go back to the traditional method to see and buy gifts in stores, and thus avoid the trail we leave on the Internet.

- the HMA company! from the AVG group launched a software that parents can install on their computer and hide ads like this showing the gifts we've been seeing on the internet. What does this software do? Throw a cute Christmas image of Santa Claus in his workshop to avoid ending up with the click of a button with the illusions of the smartest children.

Parents know that sooner or later children will discover the truth, but in general we want it to be as late as possible and that they live those days full of magic, illusion and a lot of innocence.

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