5 tricks to ease the pain of contractions

5 tricks to ease the pain of contractions

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In childbirth preparation class, they explain to pregnant women and couples, the phases of labor and what happens in the woman's body in each one of them, warning us of those signs that show that something is not going well in the process.

One of these phases, the prodrome or latent period of labor, is especially stressful for the couple. Prodromes of labor comprise the period from the first change in the cervix until it has a dilation of about 3-4 cm, with effective contractions.

This phase is particular about the fact that it is a period that takes place at home, and that depending on the characteristics of the woman, the number of previous deliveries… it can last hours or even days. The most significant thing about this period is the irregular contractions. Labor contractions start out low in intensity and the time between them is variable. But the perception of pain depends more on the pain threshold of the pregnant woman rather than on the intensity of the contractions. So this period can become very annoying.

1. A hot shower: It is known that immersion in water is not recommended until we are in the dilation phase, but a hot shower will help you relax and reduce discomfort.

2. Breathe: One of the points that we show in preparation for the birth are breathing techniques for pain control. Having practiced what you have learned frequently will be very positive, since this way it is easier for you to 'get into the breath' when the pain comes, concentrating as much as possible on it

3. Massage: If the discomfort is especially concentrated in the back, a massage in the area will be a good option. Good by hand, with a textured ball, tactile stimulation of the lumbar and sacral area will be especially useful.

4. Mobilization: Make sure the birthing ball is inflated. It will help you move your pelvis wide, but in a sitting position, which is more relaxed. Giving small soft bounces on the ball during the contraction also relieves.

5. Heat: this is also indicated for pain in the lumbar and sacral area. You can microwave a pillow of seeds and apply it to yourself.

Consult your reference midwife if you have any doubts when applying any of these relief methods. She will provide you with all the information you need.

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