Vaginal dryness and its relation to conception

Vaginal dryness and its relation to conception

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When it comes to wanting to get pregnant, there are many factors that can affect conception. In addition to the days of ovulation, which are usually the most likely for pregnancy to occur, also the women's vaginal and genital health they may have to do with this process of becoming moms. Therefore, the vaginal dryness it may also have to do with conception.

The vaginal dryness is a genital problem that affects many women, and that occurs at the moment in which the intimate area it does not get lubrication or have enough flow naturally. This can be a nuisance, as the flow helps prevent gynecological diseases and also acts as natural antibiotic so that infections do not appear.

In addition, the problem of vaginal dryness has to do directly with the sexual intercourse. When it cannot be lubricated naturally, dryness can cause the sex is painful. Symptoms of vaginal dryness include:

- Irritability in the area.

- Burning sensation.

- Pain in sexual intercourse.

- Increase the urge to urinate.

Vaginal dryness makes intercourse for pleasure difficult, but it can also cause problems when conceiving. At the time of ovulation, that is, when the woman is most fertile, her flow also increases and becomes more abundant and mucous, which favors better sex and more likely conception.

When there is vaginal dryness, conception can be more painful, and there may also be difficulties, since the discharge is what helps the vagina to remain swollen -also at the moment of orgasm-, since the Nerve endings in sexual intercourse involving the genitals they are put to work. The genitals need to be at full capacity in terms of lubrication and comfort. Vaginal discharge can help a woman to get pregnant because it favors sex and the natural lubrication it produces, and dryness can not only make sex more painful and uncomfortable, but also make sex less likely to be unsatisfactory.

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