Wig for Carnival. Crafts for kids

Wig for Carnival. Crafts for kids

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Children love to find any excuse to dress up, so in Carnival there is no escape. This year, we suggest you save on costumes, how? Very easy, making them at home with the help of your children.

We will start by creating a fun girl wig to complete a doll or princess costume. You only need wool and scissors ... it's very simple!

  • Wool
  • Pair of scissors

Tip: you can wig in other colors or even a wig in which you mix brightly colored yarns

1. Cut yarn strands of the same size and lay them horizontally. Use another strand to tie them two at a time.

2. Gather all the strands

3. If you want, you can make a small fringe, using shorter strips of wool.

4. Make two braids on each side.

5. Tie the braids so they don't fall apart.

Video: Paper Wig Tutorial (January 2023).